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New to Peg Stamping?

How to use RST Stamps

Susan's Peg Stamping Tips

  • Cushion Your Work

    Put a pad of paper, magazine, or a mouse pad underneath your stamping project. This gives a cushion-like base and makes better impressions.
  • Test Before Stamping

    It is a good idea to test your stamp and your ink on a scrap piece of paper before stamping on your project.
  • Vary Pressure

    If there is a circle or edge around your peg stamp image, it means that you are applying too much pressure when you stamp. Fine line drawings need only a gentle tap to keep the image clear and detailed. A solid stamp image, especially a large one (like a Jumbo stamp) will require more pressure.
  • Use Stamping Off

    To add depth and dimension to your artwork, once you ink and stamp, don't re-ink but stamp again and a third time.
  • Rotate Often

    For a less mechanical look, rotate the stamp slightly in between impressions. This will give your artwork a more natural look.

Making a Wreath

Susan developed an ingenious way of creating beautiful, natural-looking wreaths in seconds. First, start by stamping the same image at the north, south, east and west points. Then, just fill in between with the remaining images, focusing on eliminating negative space and creating balance around the wreath.

Making Borders

To create a border, you can use a template, chalk, or a fine pencil line to direct your path. Stamp the largest images first, leaving space in between for the remaining images and fill in as needed.

Cleaning Stamps

You will want to get in the habit of cleaning your stamps between ink colors. There's nothing more disappointing than contaminating your ink pads.

The best cleaner is a commercially available stamp cleaner like Ultra-Clean™. It is used with both rubber and clear stamps and it is amazingly effective! You may also create a soapy solution, adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid in a cup of water. Using a sponge or cloth, clean the stamp ends. Rinse well and allow the stamps to dry completely before storing. In a pinch, a wet wipe may be a good option. Do not soak wood mounted stamps in water.

If cleaning causes the Placement Line to fade, just redraw the line with a fine tipped Sharpie or other marker.

Storing Stamps

It is best to store your stamps out of direct sunlight and with a bit of care they should last for years and years.

Art Stamping has Never Been Easier!

That's it. With these tips in mind and just a little practice, anyone can create beautiful borders, frames and wreaths with Rubber Stamp Tapestry's Peg Stamps!

Be sure to visit the sample section on the website for ideas. Also, check out our animations, and video demo sections to see our stamp line in action. If you haven't signed up for our newsletter, which shows our monthly special along with new card samples and our latest news, you can do so by entering your email address in the text box at the bottom of our site.