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Stamping on Ceramic Bisque

With Rubber Stamp Tapestry you can design highly detailed, sophisticated pieces of art that you will be proud to display in your home or give as gifts. Using RST's Component Stamping method you will be amazed at how fast, easy and fun it is to stamp a masterpiece!

Susan's Ceramic Bisque Stamping Tips for Success:

  • DIY or PYOP?

    If you have your own kiln, then DIY may be the best plan of action. Equipped with your stamps, underglaze, and clear glaze, you are ready to do it yourself, from start to finish. If you do not have your own kiln, are new to stamping on ceramic bisque, or don't yet have the materials you need, then heading to a paint your own pottery studio may be your best option. All you have to do is bring your RST Peg Stamps and templates to your local PYOP studio, pick out your bisque ware and decorate it with their underglazes and they will take care of the whole firing process for you!

  • Choose the Correct Stamps

    All our Fabric Peg Stamps are perfect for stamping on bisque. Any stamp that works well with bisque will be noted in that stamp's description. Use the Bitty stamps for very small areas that are harder to reach and for sharper inner and outer curves. The Jumbo stamps are best for flat surfaces and outer curves that are not as sharp.

  • Trim Stamp If Needed

    Sometimes the outer edge of a stamp will leave a circular pattern when stamping on bisque and will require trimming. Remove this edge using a pair of small scissors. Do not detach the stamp from the wood, as it will not readhere. Remove Residue from StampOily residue, which prevents the underglaze from adhering to new and unused stamps must be removed. Very lightly, wipe the rubber end of the stamp across a section of clean ceramic bisque. Do this only once and gently so as not to damage the rubber. Alternatively, you can gently clean the end with a bit of cleaning solution (see below).

  • Clean Between Impressions

    Thoroughly clean your stamps between underglaze colors. You can make a cleaning solution with some water and a couple drops of mild soap, like Joy Dishwashing Detergent. A damp sponge combined with the cleaning solution makes a great stamp cleaner. A toothbrush works well for any recessed areas of the stamp. Pat dry.

  • Adjust Consistency of Underglaze

    Using an underglaze cup with a piece of foam in the bottom, pour about 1 teaspoon (4.93 mL)of underglaze onto the foam and smooth out with a mixing paddle until absorbed. To test, gently tap the stamp on the underglaze soaked foam and stamp on a piece of paper. If the image is not clear because of too little moisture, add more underglaze. If the image is too wet to see a clear image, use another piece of foam to absorb the excess.

    Occasionally, with very detailed images, it may be necessary to use a fine mist sprayer to gently remoisten the underglaze so that the image is clearer. Large solid images will take more pressure and more underglaze than small detailed images. Ensure you have the proper consistency, appropriate pressure and amount of underglaze needed for each of your stamps.

  • Now Stamp!

    Use the Placement Line on the end of the peg stamp to determine the position of the image. In the case of a leaf, sprig or branch, the Placement Line is most often located at the stem. Just turn the line towards the other images, such as a flower, and you will get perfect placement every time. Our Placement Line speeds up the stamping process and aids in accuracy.

    You may also find our Centering Template and our concentric shapes templates make lining up images an easy task. Simply place our Centering Template on the bisque and with a pencil mark all the way around and each small hole. Then you may lay down any of our concentric shapes templates, penciling them to create patterns for the stamps. The pencil marks will fire off of the piece, so there is no need to erase them before glazing. Now you can stamp around the piece, creating a one-of-a kind masterpiece. Sometimes you will rock and or roll the stamp to get the best impression. This takes a little practice, but once you learn the technique, you will be amazed at how fast and easy it is.

  • Oops! What About Mistakes?

    Mistakes do occur and they can be fixed. If the underglaze is still wet, simply wipe the mistake away with a cotton swab or sponge (cleaning it between applications). If the underglaze has partially dried, you may scratch if off with a stylus or cleanup tool. For very small mistakes, a toothpick works wonderfully.

  • Clear Glaze to Finish

    After you are finished stamping your bisque ware with underglaze, dip your masterpiece in a clear glaze and fire, or let your favorite PYOP studio do that for you!

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