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Rubber Stamp Tapestry
Makers of Mini and Tiny stamps and versatile Peg Stamp Sets

Way back in 1971 my future husband Don, (unknown to me at the time), bought a rubber stamp in a small shop in Las Vegas, NV where he was stationed in the USAF. It was during the Vietnam era and he was such a hippie wannabe. The stamp that he purchased was a peg stamp that had an image of a peace sign on it. Little did I know that this purchase would spur the beginning of my journey into the world of rubber stamps. Rubber Stamp Tapestry is a small business run by my family and a few good friends. Our rubber stamps are mainly botanical images that can be combined to make one of a kind pieces of artwork. The largest part of our line of stamps are mounted on pegs for ease of use and for a stamping technique we refer to as “component stamping”. Our peg stamps are manufactured with placement lines which is a tool that I developed in early 2002 to make component stamping more precise and easy to do. Frames, borders and rows of garland like imagery can be made into beautiful cards, stationary or scrapbook pages with this stamping technique. The most wonderful part of this process is the fact that you do not have to color in or mask. With just a bit of practice it becomes fun....and addictive! We appreciate all of our customers and your continued support. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you. -Susan and Don Walton Rubber Stamp Tapestry 1387 S NC Hwy 705 Seagrove, NC 27341 Phone: 910-464-2608